Wedding Caterers

Dawsons catering have access to some wonderful venues plus can help with Event Planning

Puketutu Island – Kelliher Estate

Pah Homestead

Ask for Sean

Spit Roast is a great option

Wedding Venues
St Margarets Cafe, Karaka – Great hosts Kat and Jaime
Sorrento In The Park
Cornwall Park Cafe
Cornwall Park      
Villa Maria Estate 

Alexandra Trotting Club
Ellerslie Racing Club

Iain Stephens Floral Design
Molly’s Blooms               

Hair Salon’s
Blaze Hair Salon
Pony Professional

Photographer’s and Photo finishers
Photofocus in Ellerslie for all of your printing requirements – contact Bruce

Chris Loufte – Wedding Photographer (Chris just did my son’s wedding with stunning results)

Holly Lynch who mainly does commercial photography has recently done my nephew’s wedding also with stunning results

Wedding Cakes
Eve’s Pantry

Need an Ice Cream – pop in to Ollie’s at Royal Oak Roundabout and say Hi to Colin and his team

Bagpipe Player – James Brown – has Scottish and Irish kilts

These are just a few suggestions but you can search for more on the Internet, talk to you friends and obtain their recommendations too.